Why I started a Patreon account…

I resisted this for a long time. Even though I’ve been supporting a handful of artists there for a few years now. I just didn’t want to have a creator account myself.

I tried running a membership on my own site for a while, but it cost more than I made, and keeping the back-end going took much more time than I cared to give.

Now with plenty of similar sites like Patreon popping up, and me finding myself supporting more artists and creators here and elsewhere, I decided that this is actually pretty cool. I like diving deeper and seeing more into the creation process for others. Maybe there are people out there who want to dive deeper and see more of what I do?

Most of my music is always going to be out there available to stream for free. I still have my free email list that isn’t going anywhere. But I wanted to create a home for the things that go deeper. I wanted to create a home for people just get access. Where I can share more. Over share. And over give. And I wanted it to be in a place where people really appreciate it, and are even happy to pay for artists to keep making art.

Because I believe that art is the highest value commodity on Earth, and I believe that it is essential to pay artists so that we can keep bringing what we bring to the world. Whether it’s music or books or movies or any other art, it’s vital to keep this commodity sustainable.

And yes, I have a very similar setup going on over at Bandcamp, but I know that people have their favourite platforms for supporting artists. I know that I personally like the Patreon app to follow posts and lenses (short form video). So if I like it, I guess others do too, right? And if I like it, I better just stop resisting and join the dark side 😉

So… Ta da! I’m here! And I’m sharing stuff. Some free. Some paid. I don’t like complicated tiers, and I don’t like holding back on people if I have something to share, so I just have one tier level with a starting price point, but you can choose your own amount above that.

I’m going to be sharing photos, wallpapers if you want them, all new music and books as they are released, and I’ll be sharing some serialised fiction.

I’m going to have a bit of a launch celebration and send out some cool prints in the mail and an exclusive album for members only for everyone. I’m really excited about getting that all done and sharing it, but I’ll share more about it soon.

Thank you for reading this far!







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