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The Witch Files

When I was 14 I decided to become a witch. I read up on Wicca, but couldn’t fully relate. I didn’t care for spells, or rituals, or potions, or doing what the books said. I have never believed in religion or worship. I thought I was a failed witch who couldn’t stick to set rituals.

Although I rejected the rules set out in the books, I never shook the feeling of being someone who communes with and works with nature. It took a while for me to realise that you can be a witch, and not be bound by rules. To be a witch is to live with, work with, and have great respect for nature. It encompasses an ethos of treading lightly and working with respect of all things.

I made a bunch of songs with this in mind. Each song is improvised, and taps into the feeling of living in the forest, cauldron over the fire, talking with the birds, and living peacefully in nature.

I actually released most of these songs several years earlier, spread amongst several albums. I decided to collect the best ones and re-master and re-release them. You won’t find the older versions anywhere, as I decided to put them all out with my new distributor, so I had to cancel the old ones with my previous distributor. It’s not a bad thing though – it just means my catalogue is more streamlined 🙂

All songs are played on my regular flute, except Invocation III: The Gift, which is on a crystal flute, and Moon Dreaming, which is vocal.

The full album is available to purchase here, as well as all streaming platforms.

I also put together a full length video of it on YouTube, because I know many people love to have calm witchy music on in the background for ambience 🙂

Track Listing & Times on YT Video:

  • 01 Into the Dawn 0:00
  • 02 Invocation I: The Witching 11:53
  • 03 Invocation II: The Dreaming 17:52
  • 04 Invocation III: The Gift 25:02
  • 05 Walking Between Worlds 26:08
  • 06 The Anchoring 40:04
  • 07 The High Priestess 45:55
  • 08 Moon Dreaming 51:20

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