Photo Awards

Snow Gum b&w photo

This week I was pleasantly surprised to see that a couple of photos from my trip to the mountains a few months ago got a couple of award mentions in the Mono Awards.

This is a monochrome awards competition that I entered two photos in, and they both got a little certificate.

Monochrome is hard for me, because I LOVE colour in photos. I need MAXIMUM COLOUR. All the time. Just see my album covers. It’s all about the colour. But when I was in the mountains and the morning sun was creating these mountain silhouettes with those dramatic clouds, I knew I could get some some great black and white photos out of it.

Here are the photos that got a Highly Commended and Commended mention:

Commended Certificate
Snow Gum b&w photo
Highly Commened Certificate
Mountain Clouds b&w photo

So there we go. Another Mono Awards dusted and more certificates collected. As always, I’m aiming to stay humble, get better, and keep enjoying the photographic journey 🙂

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