My Life As A Magician

What would you do if your greatest talent – the one thing you naturally excelled at – was a dark art you desperately didn’t want to practise?

That’s the dilemma trapping Arcadia Guzmata. As a young magician who reads minds, she’s all-too-aware of the darker potential her gift carries. It’s a potential her mentor, Mr Bishop, actively nurtures as they travel from town to town, performing magic shows.

Mr Bishop’s own gift is making things disappear; and Arcadia has watched him struggle time and time again to keep it from consuming him. She knows she wants a better life for herself, but what else is there for a young woman with two pigtails and a gift for the dark arts?

Then, one day, as she’s sitting in a cafĂ©, the most beautiful music she’s ever heard leads to a life- changing conversation. With that one conversation, a whole new world opens up for her.

But can she step into that world and leave her dark gift behind?

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