Anna Papij

Anna Papij’s World

I’m an artist. I’ve been playing music since before I can remember. I’ve been writing and self-publishing stories since I was 15. I take photos and make videos and drink lots of coffee to keep up with myself.

I’m always going to keep doing what I’m doing, and my stuff will always largely be out there for free/low cost via streaming and various other platforms.

I just no longer think it’s cool for artists to not be paid for their work. Society highly values the importance of art, but doesn’t want to pay for it. Artists live in the same capitalist society as everyone else, and it would be fair if we had a salary like everyone else too.

So… if you like what I do, and would like to show some monetary appreciation, become an official paid member of Anna Papij’s World, and I’ll give you extra music downloads, stories, photos, and if you’re lucky, a treat in the mail 🙂

I am now on Patreon.

Here’s what you get:

  • All new music and independent book downloads upon release
  • Serialised fiction stories
  • Original photos
  • And of course, a deliciously exclusive scrapbook-style look into Anna Papij’s World.
  • Frequency is about every 2-5 weeks.

I’ve done my best to keep pricing as accessible as possible.

Remember, you can always stream my music for free, and subscribe to my email newsletter for free. If you want to support my work further, join me for the ride

Warning: By becoming a paid member, you will receive access to members only posts containing activity from Anna Papij’s World. It most likely has space themes with a side of magic.