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    Anna Papij


    Anna Papij (formerly Anna Shelley) is known for her meditative ambient music. With a resonance that weaves its way through the souls of all who feel it, Anna Papij’s music is a feeling – a knowing – a connection.

    Ethereal flutes and hypnotic piano float through atmospheric soundscapes inspired by nature and the cosmos.

    She weaves her signature dreamy tones through her music, which spills over into her writing – from her prolific blog to her published books.

    Her music is used by many meditation teachers as background meditation music and healing sound baths.

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    Anna Shelley
    Anna Shelley
    Anna Shelley
    Anna Shelley

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    Anna Papij plays flute, tank drum, and piano. These tracks are in typical Anna style:

    Anna Papij’s signature dreamy flute melodies
    Anna Papij’s expressionist piano improvisations

    As seen in…

    Anna Shelley in Tiny Buddha
    Anna Shelley on The Hedonistic Way @ Midday Show