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Light Rain & Birdsong | Nature Sounds for Sleep, Study, Ambience

One of my favourite things is waking up gently at dawn as the birds are starting their day. This morning I got up at 5am to record their morning sounds. I got some magpies (my favourite!) and something else that I’m not sure of. Are they mynahs? Do you know?

We’ve had a lot of rain recently, so I’ve been collecting some great rain sounds, and added some of that into this video too.

Here’s the first nature sound/ASMR-ish video I made:

This video is made up of quite a few components…

In the foreground is my BFF cat Squeaky. He died a few years ago, but I remembered this perfect silhouette of him looking out the window, so I cut that out and added a little animation. Animation takes pretty much forever to do. I did this frame by frame, but I know there are easier ways in After Effects. Even though it’s pretty straight forward, the learning curve for that is not something I have the patience for right now, so I made individual images of the tail moving in Photoshop.

The window here is actually one of the windows in my house that looks out to the front yard. It’s not a very attractive window, so I posterised it, and made the curtains a more interesting colour.

Strawberries grow like weeds here. When I first moved to this house, I planted four strawberry plants. Two died in the scorching summer heat. Two survived. Those two have expanded so many times, I have to regularly pull most of them out and throw them in the compost. These white ones have spread throughout the garden, which is great because now I’ve dug up the official strawberry patch to plant new things.

Random tip: Birds don’t recognise white strawberries as food, so if you plant those instead of red ones, they won’t eat them all before you get to them 😉

The spiderweb was filmed on a cold foggy morning walk (yesterday, actually). All the dead plants in the area were covered in these beautiful spiderwebs with stunning dew drops. It was just amazing. My little kid thought spiderwebs like this were only in movies, so it was really cool for him to see they really do come in these classic web shapes.

They’re all the components of the video! I’ll be making more ambient nature sound videos like this over the coming months.

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