I used to blog…

Anna Papij | artist | musician | author

I used to blog regularly. I did this for years. But all of a sudden I quit.

My plate is so full with writing music, writing stories, going out taking photos and videos, homeschooling, reading comics, day dreaming, pouring coffee etc… I don’t have it in me to continue posting regularly here.

For years I’ve been an avid emailer. I love sending emails with personal notes and photos and stories and sharing updates and thoughts. For years my email list not only doubled up on my blog posts, but overtook them and became more personal than my official blog.

It’s quite a relief not having to think about SEO or making sure people stay on my page long enough to want more from me. Honestly – I’d rather you just go buy or stream my stuff wherever you like to do that. That’s cool. It saves us both time. And we both get what we want out of it all.

I do continue to send emails though. It feels more personal than writing blog posts. When you are subscribed to my emails, it feels to me like I am writing especially to you with no agenda or purpose other than to share or connect.

I’m not on social media any more, at least not Facebook. And I don’t often remember to check in on Instagram. So emails are really the only way to follow and be in contact in any meaningful basis.

I don’t send spammy stuff, and I’m not constantly trying to sell stuff (hey, you can stream everything for free, so I’m happy for you to keep doing that). I’m big on making things accessible. I share new things, thoughts, ramblings, photos, videos.

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