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Anna Papij (formerly Anna Shelley) is known for her ambient meditative music. With a resonance that weaves its way through the souls of all who feel it, Anna Papij’s music is a feeling – a knowing – a connection.

She weaves her signature dreamy tones through her music, which spills over into her writing – from her prolific blog to her published books.

When you subscribe to Anna Papij’s World you get your own digital copies of Selected Stories and Selected Soundscapesthe ultimate short story collection and music selection 😉

Selected Stories by Anna Shelley

Selected Stories is a micro collection of my micro stories. I’ve been self publishing since I was 15 when I distributed my zines across most of Australia and even sometimes in the US and Canada. Micro stories is really my thing. So I thought it would be fun to put together a collection of 5 micro stories. Some I have published previously (a couple of decades ago) and some not ever seen before. You can read the whole thing over a cup of coffee.

Selected Soundscapes by Anna Shelley

Selected Soundscapes is a collection of remixes of my most popular tracks. Here you’ll get 6 tracks featuring dreamy soundscapes, ethereal vocals, sacred flute, and meditative piano. If sublime beauty in sound is your thing, this magik is for you.

If Selected Stories and Selected Soundscapes feel like your kind of bliss, go ahead and subscribe to Anna Papij’s World, and you’ll receive them right away.