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Frequency – Music for meditation, lucid dreaming + astral travel

I’m giving myself a little challenge to upload a “YouTube shorts” video every day for 7 days just to see how it goes. I have zero expectations, but I think it’s a fun way to share short videos since I quit Facebook and Instagram.

Here’s a short snippet from my latest album, Dream Frequency:

A few years ago I had a vision that was both visual and auditory. It felt like an ancient memory from before I was born. I got to choose my gifts to bring into the world before choosing my parents. I selected music as my number 1 gift, followed by creativity in general for number 2. The gift of music involved sprinkling sound frequencies across the globe, direct from the cosmic and astral realms.

It took a while, but finally I put the sounds together! This track is called Frequency. It’s a soul frequency direct from source energy. Something we all have inside of us. I like it just to bask in the lush sound for meditation and astral travelling. The visuals are a kaleidoscopic image of the cover of the album.

Dream Frequency album cover

I took this photo fairly recently from a local beach at dawn. I love the colour of the sky as it begins to illuminate. As a bonus, the galactic centre of the Milky Way was rising 🙂

You can get the full album, Dream Frequency, here.

You can also catch Frequency the Extended Astral Projection Mix on YouTube here ↡

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