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Emerging (song)

This week we’ve had lockdown extended without even an arbitrary end date. Every time lockdown is announced/extended for us, I create more music. I never understood it, until now…

We’re all headed for extinction at some point, and I honestly don’t even care if now is the time. So what to do if now is the time? I truly believe the most important thing for me to do is create more music. What is life if there is no art in it?

Survival instinct has kicked in again, and even though this song is not scheduled for official release for another 6 weeks, I wrote it over the past 24 hours and I’m sharing it here today.

Emerging is about a spaceship emerging through the clouds. This is for all the people who feel like they don’t belong here, and want to jump on that ship back home. This is a validation for everyone who doesn’t feel valid. This is a ticket to freedom through music, for those who are tired of being bound by Earthly rules and physics.


Any music geeks reading?

This is a very simple song born out of the tiresome hopelessness of lockdown, but it offers a lot of hope with the major chords in there. I rarely use major chords, preferring to keep everything quite open with 4ths and 5ths. But this just wanted to be a little different. Even though it’s in a minor key (B minor), I lead with the major III and VI chords. But I tell you what – I love a good tierce de Picardie, and it works so well in this. It’s subtle, but you can just make it out – the final chord is B major.

The writing process for this was me mucking around on the piano, when the 3-chord progression wanted me to repeat it until it became something.

When I added a bass line, my kid said, “What is that song?”

I said I just made it up right then. I figure if my kid thinks I’m playing a song he thinks he should know (and he spends several hours on Spotify every day, so he’s quite the music listening nerd) then I must be onto something.

I wrote the chords down and plugged my keyboard into the computer. I recorded the lot in one sitting. The next morning I mixed and mastered it, designed the cover, and pushed it out into the world.

The cover is a layered image of several sunset photos.

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