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It’s official – I’m back to blogging! I quit social media, and have decided to share much more here, where it should have been all along.

I deleted the Facebook app from my phone a while ago, but still had an account there. I found it was just getting more and more boring. I met a lot of cool people there. Made some real friends. Kept it touch with old friends from around the globe. All that cool stuff. But in the end? It was just a distraction. And with me sharing my music and words on there, I was adding to that distraction. How could I live with that? Yesterday I finally deleted my account, including my music/art/etc bizniz page with 12000+ followers. Oh well. It had to be done.

I deleted Instagram from my phone just this week. I still have my stuff up there, but hopefully anyone who finds it will see that they need to come here to follow for more. I loved posting short videos and photos, but hated the compression and poor image quality. I loved the short nature of everything, and I loved the awesome artists I discovered. But at the same time – I was still adding my piece of noise to distract everyone from their lives. I just couldn’t do that anymore.

I wanted to combine the short video clips and photos with my website, whilst not being a part of the social media game. YouTube recently introduced a thing called #shorts – short <60min videos for easy uploading and easy quick viewing. Again, I don’t want to be a distraction, but at the same time, I want to share little things in between big things. I can link all that here on my blog, so my stuff can be viewed with discernment – when, where, and as you please.

I love that you can choose to opt in or not. You can follow via email (scroll down to find the sign up thing) or RSS or just bookmark the site and visit as you please. And yeah – I follow people via RSS just like before social media existed. I used to love reading blogs. I still do. So I hope I can be a curiosity to follow as you see fit.

To kick it all off, I made a short beachscape video. I shot this on the last warm sunny day of autumn. A clear calm day it was, so I rushed out with the drone to get some footage.

I’m not very good with the drone yet. And I’m a sticker for rules, so I made sure to read the rules and get my drone licence and do it properly. Honestly – there’s nothing worse than going for a walk in nature and hearing a drone fly overhead, and you’re walking around wondering if this dasardly thing is videoing you. There’s a lot of that going on where I live because I am surrounded by a thousand beaches, and there are many nature areas around here that photographers swarm to. I can guarantee not one of these people have a licence, or if they do, they’re deliberately breaking the laws. It annoys the crap out of me.

Anyway, so there I was, on a summery day in autumn, standing on top of a cliff that I had to take a little animal track to get to so that I was the legal distance away from humans when flying a drone, filming a deserted beach that is only accessible by boat or by falling off the cliff, and I did what every drone operator should not do – I lost the bloody drone!

The sun was so bright and the drone is so small that from a distance it kind of disappears into nothing. Fortunately I navigated it back to me, catching it in my shaking hand after breaking the law and thinking the 18 minute batteries could die at any moment, rendering this drone a piece of e-waste in the water, causing my inner zero-waste environmental warrior great distress.

I learn a valuable lesson that day – have a game plane before flying a drone.

In any case, I got this cool clip with a bird flying across the screen.

I set it to my cover of Californian Soil by London Grammar:

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