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A Sunset with Eco-Takeaway

I’m a full on eco warrior, living an almost zero-waste lifestyle. I do my best to reduce waste, and that includes when getting take away food. If we get food delivered, I’ll only order stuff that comes in cardboard packaging that I can compost. Unfortunately many places still serve food in plastic. I get it – sometimes it’s just too messy to send home in anything else.

Our local Indian restaurant lets me bring my own containers. I have some great large stainless steel containers (but anything you have lying around is fine – even a saucepan with lid would suffice) and drop them off when I order. While waiting for the food, I cross the road to catch the sunset over the beach. It’s really not bad at all.

Here’s my view while waiting for dinner:

Music is my cover of Pretty Little Ditty by one of my all time favourite bands, Red Hot Chili Peppers.


Most cafes/restaurants/shops are not used to you bringing your own containers and will automatically reach for their plastic pieces of landfill to put your food in. I beat them to it by giving them my containers before I ask for what I want. Then they won’t accidentally give you rubbish with your order.

It usually goes something like this:

Server: Hello, what would you like?

Me, passing containers over the counter: I have my own containers.

Server and other customers: Oh cool! What a great idea! I must remember to do that too!

Me: I want all this delicious stuff of yours.

Server: Sure thing. Here you go, in your perfectly clean reusable and recyclable at end-of-life containers 🙂

Some places refuse to use your own stuff. I always have a plan B in place. It involves a smile, a ThankYouAnyway, and walking out to get something from somewhere else. Once you know which local places are supportive of sustainable choices, then you don’t always need a plan B. It gets easier the more you do this 🙂

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